Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ein Hemed (Aqua Bella) National Park

One of the loveliest spots near Jerusalem, this beautifully landscaped park has large lawns for picnic and nature lovers. The secret of its greenery is attributed to the Kisalon spring that flows some 600 m through the park. Locals attribute magical power to its waters and orthodox Jews use the spring's water for religious purposes. The other interesting spot to visit is the large Crusader-period (12th cent) building which probably was a house on an agricultural farm. During Crusader periods, this place was called Aqua Bella or "beautiful water" and may be the reason why Arabs still call the area Khirbet Ikbala. It was not part of our schedule to visit the Ein Hemed National park. So all the snaps are taken from outside the park.

Here is link to a nice article on Aqua Bella

Dont miss the park's official site

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